Born and raised in the PNW I was fortunate enough to grow up in an area that offered adventures around every corner. I’ve always loved to be outside so never considered going to a gym. Having done a wide range of sports and outdoor activities both competitively and recreationally throughout my life- I can easily say Crossfit has been the most comprehensive way to baseline fitness. As my professional career became more demanding I found I had less time to spare for my fitness endeavors which slowly transitioned from enjoyment to weekend sufferfest. My brother talked me into giving Crossfit a try (ok- sometimes little brother’s have good ideas…sometimes). Quickly discovered Crossfit was exactly what I needed to have good fitness in a short amount of time. So many people mistakenly think Crossfit is only designed for hardcore athletes- in reality Crossfit is designed to train the natural functional movements we are all born with in order optimize the human potential…in everyone. Kids to grandparents and everyone in between. But the best part is the Community. I love the Community here at Grey Coast! It’s never about who can lift the most or go the fastest, but about supporting each other to be the best that we can. I love to see what people learn about themselves after completing a challenge they didn’t think they could do. Hope to see you out in the gym! 

Coaching Certification:

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer