Nearly all of my athletic endeavors have been an effort to keep up with the rest of my very sporty and impressive family, which includes an Olympic diver, a world champion jump-roper, countless college athletes (including my super talented D1 soccer sister Jami), and parents who have excelled in basketball, volleyball, golf, billiards, bowling… you name it! I was a gymnast first, who eventually transitioned to other gymnastics-like sports, including diving, pole-vaulting, and finally CrossFit, which I started around 2014. As an athlete, I loved and continue to love that there is always room for improvement in CrossFit, regardless of experience level, and I stay for the community that inspires me to come to the gym even on days when I have no self-motivation. As a coach, I am very passionate about proper form and movement. You’ll discover that I care about and admire good form much much more than the weight of a lift. I can’t wait to grow together and keep each other honest in this fitness journey!

Coaching Certification:

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer