Hey all! I was born and raised in the beautiful PNW and just have never left!
Growing up I was a competitive jumproper (yes it’s a sport, YouTube it!) for a local team. I competed for about 15 years and then after my senior year I stopped to focus on school. I still stayed involved by helping coach the team and staff tournaments etc.. Jumprope allowed be to travel the world to not only compete but to also help run tournaments and staff workshops. Within those 15 years I have been able to travel to almost all 50 states, and around the world to include Bermuda and Africa. Eventually I found CrossFit through an ad on Facebook for a “womens only 6-week challenge” back in 2014. That is where I met our current owners/coaches, Josh and Annie. After that gym closed Josh and Annie opened their own and I followed them and never looked back! My favorite part of CrossFit is not only the community but I love the technical aspects of Olympic lifting and pushing your body to do things that you never thought were possible!


  • CrossFit Level 1