By Coach Trea

Greetings Grey Coast Athletes,

Anyone that has taken my classes knows that I LOVE the Crossfit Open. In fact, I think my favorite part of Crossfit is the open.

If you are new to Crossfit, here is a quick summary of the Open. Starting Feb. 21st, and for the following four weeks, Crossfit will announce one workout per week. The WOD will be announced on Thursday night and you will have until Wednesday to complete it. We will always program the Open WOD the day after the announcement, but if you don’t plan on coming into the gym on Friday, you can do it during open gym on another day.

Why is the Open so amazing? Because everyone that does Crossfit, anywhere in the world, is doing the same workout. Hundreds of thousands of people every week, from everyday athletes to professional crossfitters, are putting in their best effort on the same workout.

Here at Grey Coast, we will once again do our own Grey Coast Open Competition. The GCCF Open takes the global competition and brings it into our own box in a fun and encouraging way. We will do the same open workouts, but will have our own leaderboard. This is your chance to go all out on 5 workouts. It is also your chance to encourage your fellow athletes and help them get the best score they can.

The GCCF Open will be slightly different this year from last year. For $20, you can sign up and enter the competition. That will get you an awesome t-shirt and a spot on the leaderboard. We will have a mens and womens division. Scoring the workouts will be identical to the Crossfit Open scores – all Rx scores will be ranked above scaled. Anyone choosing to further scale (or substitute movements) will be ranked below scaled. We will post the leaderboard weekly and the lowest score at the end of the 5 weeks wins.

Athletes are also encouraged to sign up for the Crossfit Open. The Crossfit Open is also $20. The great part about signing up for the global competition is that you will see how you stack up against your peers. The leaderboard is a lot of fun and gives you a great idea about your fitness level (you can see how you do against people your age, living in your same state, etc). Signing up for the global competition also allows you to save your scores and access them anytime. That way you can get a good idea of your fitness journey as you do Crossfit across many years.

GCCF Open registration will start Feb. 1st and close Feb. 21st. Sign up, have fun with the workouts, and encourage your classmates through their workouts.