I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 9 years. I’ve enjoyed learning new things about
myself, and other athletes around me daily. Grey Coast CF has been my home
box for the last 4 years.

I used to workout in a regular gym doing my old routine when a friend
talked me into my first CrossFit WOD at his box in NorCal. I was hooked!! I never went
back to the regular gym.

My background is in various sports, including BMX racing when I was much younger,
soccer all through grade school and college, MT biking in my later years, golf, and finally

When I’m not working out, I’m hanging out with my 2 daughters usually doing
something outside or trying to chase the sunshine.

I am a Level 2 CF trainer and I am very excited to lead current and future athletes into
the fittest moments of their lives!

Coaching Certifications

CrossFit Level I

CrossFit Level 2