How can you enjoy yourself at parties and social gatherings while still maintaining healthy eating habits? Here are a few tips:

  1. Scan the food table and come up with a plan before serving yourself. Look through the items and try to use the “plate method”. Load up on veggies, have a carb-y treat, have some protein, and a little fat. Don’t feel obliged to take a sample of everything as you move down the buffet line. If there are chips and cookies, maybe just choose one (not both) as your carb-y treat. Or if you are going to drink alcohol, maybe skip the treat entirely.
  2. In general, think about prioritizing calories. If there are high calorie treats/beverages, prioritize which one sounds the best to you. Then, consume that one, not all of the options.
  3. When choosing alcoholic beverages, pace yourself. Instead of having 3 beers, maybe have one and drink water the rest of the time. If you are having a mixed drink, skip the sugary mixers and do something simple like a clear hard liquor + club soda.
  4. When socializing with friends, stand far away from the food table. It will reduce the temptation to graze.
  5. Instead of grabbing handfuls of snacks, put the food on a plate so you can see how much you are eating.
  6. If you are going to a potluck, take Annie’s suggestion to bring veggies as your dish. There will be plenty of people bringing chips, desserts, etc.
  7. If you are at the event with a friend and you want to enjoy a sweet treat, consider sharing the item. If you are attending the party alone, choose a smaller treat. Regardless of whether you are sharing or eating the dessert/treat alone, consider just taking a single a bite to get the flavor. No need to eat the whole thing. Usually the first bite of dessert is the best anyway!
  8. Keep moving throughout the day. Do a workout in the morning. When at parties, alternate time between sitting, standing and walking around.

Hope these tips are helpful!

Joann & Annie, GCCF Nutrition Coaches