Sylvia V. and Robert P. are a dynamic couple who have been members of Grey Coast CrossFit for quite some time. Sylvia started with Grey Coast personal training in 2017 and has worked with one of our nutrition coaches since May 2020. Robert is an avid cyclist, and he has participated in individual nutrition coaching since the summer of 2020. Sylvia has improved her strength via in-person and virtual training sessions. She has lost weight (even during COVID!) and found new templates for creating quick and healthy meals. Robert has lost over 18 pounds and has been consistent in his fitness and nutrition. The coaches at Grey Coast love working with Robert & Sylvia. Their humor, positivity, and most of all, dedication to their nutrition, fitness, and health are inspiring.

Read more about Robert & Sylvia’s experiences with Grey Coast below!


How long have you been doing personal training and nutrition coaching at Grey Coast?
I started personal training with Annie and classes at Grey Coast in Feb 2017. I started nutrition coaching with Joann in May 2020.

What has been your overall experience with personal training & nutrition coaching? (e.g. learnings, accomplishments, etc.)
The personal training and classes at Grey Coast are instrumental for me to be physically and emotionally stronger every day.  During COVID, Annie has been invaluable in providing me workouts to do at home and provide me the guidance and accountability to improve my fitness.
The feeling of accomplishment as well the great stress relief of completing a workout is bar none the best. Though not as “lean” as I want to be, I have developed stronger legs, arms and shoulders.  Abs need more work and I don’t work out as much as I want to due to emotional exhaustion at times of work hours and pressures, but I am a work in progress and getting better in prioritizing my health and relationships.
The nutrition coaching has been key for me and Robert not gaining weight during COVID and in my case losing about 5 lbs.  Joann’s coaching and creativity has inspired me and Robert to create yummy and nutritious meals and snacks.  I really appreciate Joann’s non-judgemental support and acceptance while being supportive and creative with my nutrition/weight journey.
We had a Zoom session with Joann to make potstickers which were fun to create and yummy to eat!  Going to the local Asian food store across from Grey Coast with Joann helped us demystify the process of searching for ingredients to make new, Asian-inspired recipes.  It has become our favorite place to shop for fresh vegetables!
The blessing of this time of COVID has been for me and Robert to re-invent how we live in our home from being more creative cooking and expanding our cooking skills and recipes, to prioritizing our home workouts.  

What would you say to other people considering Grey Coast’s personal training or nutrition coaching?
If you are looking for community, support and genuinely great people to learn to be stronger and healthier, Grey Coast for you. 
It is not a gym where you are invisible and anonymous.  You become part of a community and get guidance from health leaders that help you with the process of getting healthier.
All the members are called an athlete regardless of where you are in the fitness journey.  At first, my self-doubt really struggled with the ‘athlete’ concept key to CrossFit. 
But the camaraderie of everyone from different skill levels and backgrounds is real.
It is really okay for me to workout with my lower weights while someone more experienced is pressing at least 10x more than me. 
Everyone is respectful and encourages each other through the routines which are challenging but scaled to each person’s skill level.  All the coaches are there to make sure you are working out in a safe manner as well as support you to do your best.
From a nutrition perspective, it provides a great opportunity and experience to think about food, eating, and in many ways cooking fundamentally different and much easier.  For me, it has been a self-discovery about what triggers me “stress eating” and what food I can use to manage my ‘hangry’ in a more effective and positive way. 

Do you have anything else to share with others about Grey Coast/fitness/nutrition?
The investment in time and money pays dividends in ways more than just physical fitness and eating better.  Try it.


What prompted you to start nutrition coaching at Grey Coast?

Sylvia did.  I’ve been complaining about my weight gain for a while.  She encouraged me to work with the nutritionist when she found out Grey Coast offered the service

What has been your overall experience with Grey Coast’s nutrition coaching? (e.g. learnings, accomplishments, etc.)

Very positive.  She is very encouraging.  We share recipes.  She made suggestions on how I can improve my eating habits.  We go over the stuff I’ve logged.  So far, it’s working out very well

What would you say to other people considering Grey Coast’s nutrition coaching?

It was well worth it for me.  She’s easy to work with.  Very encouraging.  I can see the results

Do you have anything else to share with others about Grey Coast/fitness/nutrition?

For me, recording and monitoring are the key.  She has been very helpful in keeping me to that goal.


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