Alicia and her husband, Trevor, have been members of Grey Coast CrossFit since August 2020. Alicia completed 6 weeks of nutrition coaching in March.

What has been your overall experience with nutrition coaching at Grey Coast?

Overall, it was a VERY positive experience! The challenge was scheduled at a perfect time (mid-January) to help me jump-start a healthier 2021. Coming into the challenge I didn’t know anything about how to manage a nutrition plan. I learned to track food, macros, and most importantly, which food choices were the best to reach my goals. I loved that it was all about making healthy lifestyle habits, not a “diet”. It was wonderful to meet with Tina every week for accountability. Plus, she is the best! She listened to how I lived my life, and helped me to make changes based on what was best for me. We would debrief what has been going well and what would be best to work on next. I feel very accomplished and so much more informed by the combination of weekly meetings, mid-week check-ins, meal/snack planning, and (3 week) weigh-ins. At the end of 6 weeks, I truly feel better overall, have more energy, am sleeping better, started running again, and have been able to move up in weights and ability during workouts! 

What would you say to other people who may be considering Grey Coast’s nutrition coaching?

DO IT! Each week you work on a habit. Sleep, managing stress, snack choices, drinking water, organizing your pantry, etc. Because you do a new habit each week, by the end of 6 weeks you have truly made a lifestyle change that you can continue to manage on your own! One of the best parts is that the coaches truly care for you and your success. Once the challenge is over, they are still there for you cheering you on! Just another way that Grey Coast is family!

Do you have anything else to share with others about Grey Coast’s nutrition coaching?

Every single person is different and this style of coaching can fit with anyone! I will be doing it again in the future! 🙂