Our group CrossFit classes are designed for athletes of all experience levels who have completed our Fundamentals program or a similar regime at another CrossFit gym. These classes vary on a daily basis and are a combination of strength, gymnastics, endurance, and other aerobic and anaerobic elements, utilizing a wide array of metrics to assess progress.


This 5-session program is crafted for those that are new to CrossFit. These are tailored personal training sessions that focus on how to move safely, effectively, and efficiently while learning all of the foundational movements of CrossFit. Contact us for more details!

Specialty Classes

These classes are for those who are interested in diving deeper into specific elements of CrossFit or other health/fitness realms, such as gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting, nutrition, etc.

Open Gym

This is an opportunity for athletes to work on specific skills or train on their own time and at their own pace. Due to the wide range of different elements athletes may be working on during this period and the limited access to personalized coaching with a larger group, open gym times are for athletes familiar with CrossFit, GCCF training philosophies, and basic standards for safe and effective movement.

Personal Training

Get one-on-one, partner, or small group sessions tailored to your specific training goals! Please contact us directly to set up your session or sessions.