The CrossFit stimulus—constantly varied high-intensity functional movement —prepares you for the demands of a fit, functional, independent life and provides a hedge against chronic disease and incapacity.


Constantly varied high-intensity functional movement.


Our experienced team can create custom plans to meet your objectives.

Hybrid Athlete Foundation - 24/7 Gym Access

Grey Coast CrossFit is a member of the Hybrid Athlete Foundation providing our athletes on compatible memberships access to the Grey Coast CrossFit gym 24/7/365. In addition, our athletes can visit other HybridAF gyms in the network.

Gym Wide Events

Grey Coast CrossFit regularly hosts specialty events such as the Barbell Open, Obstacle Course Racing Days, etc. Check the calendar for the latest. 

Customers who talk about us

Our members make up the Grey Coast community and our mission it to make every member meet their health goals and be part of a great supportive community.

Can’t speak highly enough about Grey Coast CrossFit! The coaches, owners, community, and facility are all first-class. For someone who had never stood foot in a CrossFit gym, aka a “box,” I have felt extremely welcomed, safe, and comfortable with all the movements. Thanks you to Josh for the tailored 1:1 workouts, and thank you to all the coaches that have helped me begin my journey! Grey Coast is for all ages, shapes, and sizes!

Fabulous coaches. Excellent results. Supportive and friendly atmosphere — other athletes get into it too! Great for any fitness level because they teach you to scale activities to your own ability while still keeping an eye on you as you work out. Interesting and diverse workouts — no two days are ever identical — so I’m never bored.

Can’t say enough good stuff about Grey Coast Crossfit. Josh and Annie are amazing as both owners and trainers. They care truly about the people they’re training, and the atmosphere is flat out fun. Sweaty as all get out, but honest and true as a gym. It’s not a place for posers. It’s a place that rewards your decision to be better. Thanks, Josh and Annie, for creating the best gym I’ve ever been around.

Amazing coaches, friendly environment! My husband and I joined Grey Coast CrossFit 18 months ago and it has become like a second home to us. Owners Annie and Josh are very knowledgeable and provide just the right balance of tough workouts and fun. Workouts can be scaled to any level, so it is not intimidating whether you are a beginner or fitness pro. I recommend dropping in for a class to anyone who has ever wanted to give CrossFit a try!