Summer 2020 – Youth Programs

CrossFit isn’t just good for adults, the principles of CrossFit work for all ages and there is never a better time to set healthy exercise habits.

Youth summer Crossfit

 Grey Coast CrossFit will be offering a one-hour CrossFit program geared for ages 11-17. The program will focus on teaching great technique and improving both metabolic conditioning and strength.   

Youth Summer Camp

A week long, full day program that will emphasize:

  • FUN above all else we are achieving fitness while having fun
  • Each day a big chunk will be spent outside being active
  • Mornings will be a CrossFit styled workout
  • End of the day will be a metabolic finisher or stretching/yoga

Outdoor activities will be weather dependent but may include:

  • Hiking trails nearby Cascades
  • Paddle boarding on Lake Sammamish or Washington
  • Indoor rock climbing
  • Trail running nearby trails

Our Pricing

Youth Summer Crossfit

Youth Weekday CrossFit ($425 for the summer)

Classes will be held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11am to noon. Starting June 22nd ending August 28th.

Youth Summer Camp

Youth Summer Camps ($499 a week)

 Two weeks are available this summer: July 13th-17th and August 10th-14th. Both weeks will run Monday through Friday. Starting at 8am and finishing at 5pm. 

* All prices are based on ACH payments and do not include taxes.